4. Connecting a Premier Remotes controller to an account

Step 1: From the homepage of the mobile app select select settings.

Step 2: Select “Lift Names” on the Setup Menu page.

Step 3: On the next screen, add boat lift 1 and change the name if so desired.

Step 4: Enter the serial number in the “Lift Serial Number” box. The suggested method is to use the QR code camera feature. Taking a picture of the QR code with the mobile device will import the number. The second option is to manually enter the serial number. The QR code and serial number is located under the front panel on the front of the printed circuit board (PCB.)

Step 5: Verify that the serial number on the app matches the serial number on the board.

Step 6: If desired, change the names of each lighting circuit to be controlled by the Premier Remote Unit. Changing the name of the light circuit is not a requirement.

Step 7: Scroll down on the screen and select “Save.”

Step 8: Scrolling down the page, select the motors that will be utilized. The app defaults to all 4 motors “on” for 4 motor lifts. You must turn off any motor(s) or motor plugs on the printed circuit board (PCB) that are not being used. Failure to not select the motors being used will result in a fault. Any motor combination can be used from 1 to 4. For example, using a single motor elevator lift, you can turn motor 1 “on” and turn motor 2, 3, and 4 “off.” For a two-motor application, you may choose to turn “on” motors 1 and 2 and turn “off” motors 3 and 4. Another option would be to turn “on” motors 3 and 4 and turn “off” motors 1 and 2. Another option for a two-motor lift would be to turn “on” motors 1 and 4 and turn “off” motors 2 and 3. It is suggested to use the motors based on the lift orientation of the motor layout on the lift Level Application screen in Section 6.

Step 9: Scroll down on the screen and select “Save”.

Step 10: A second message will appear. Select “Save Config” if the changes are intended to be saved.

Special Notes: To add additional controllers to your account, follow the same steps as above from 1 through 10. You can control up to 4 controllers with one account. Use the minus and plus buttons to remove fields for removing and adding lift profiles.

The tiny red “Erase ALL” button at the top left-hand corner will reset the APP to default settings including clearing out the QR codes for all lifts.

The “Factory Reset” button will reset the selected CONTROL BOX to “factory reset condition” which means that it is not paired to any WiFi and the names are reset to the factory defaults.

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